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All Rentals

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Bounce & Slide Combos

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Bounce Houses

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Obstacle Courses

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Party Extras- Tables - Chairs- Dunk Tank- Sno Cone- Tents





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Tent Rentals

Tampa's #1 Bounce House, Water Slide and Party Rental Service

Welcome to Bounce Genie, Your Top Choice for Party Rentals in Tampa, FL 🎉

Bounce Genie is your go-to source for party rentals in Tampa. We offer a fun variety of options, from bounce house rentals to water slide rentals. Let us help make your next event memorable and exciting.


Bounce Houses and Water Slides 🏰

Bounce Genie leads in bounce house rentals in Tampa. We offer a wide selection of inflatables. You can choose water slides, bounce houses and obstacle course rentals. Our rentals are clean, safe, and perfect for any event. Rent one for your next birthday party or corporate gathering.

Foam Party Rentals 🛁

Make your event stand out with our foam party rentals. Our foam machines are perfect for both kids' parties and adult events. Our foam parties are a unique touch to your celebration.

Tent, Table, and Chair Rentals 🎪

Planning an outdoor event? We provide everything from spacious tents to comfortable chairs and tables. Whether it's a Bounce Genie wedding, a graduation party, or a family reunion, we've got you covered.

Party Equipment and Supplies 🍿

We offer a wide range of party essentials. We rent popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, and snow cone machines. No event is too big or too small for us to enhance with our quality rentals.

The Bounce Genie Difference

  • Variety and Quality: We offer a broad selection of top-quality party rentals.
  • Affordable Prices: We provide competitive pricing on all our rentals. Check our specials for the best deals.
  • Reliable Service: We have excellent service from start to finish. We ensure on-time delivery of all party rentals across Tampa Bay.

Book Your Party Rental Today

Get ready to make your next event unforgettable with Bounce Genie. Visit our website at Bounce Genie or call us at 813-355-0933 to book your rental. Our friendly staff will help you pick the perfect items for your party.

Experience the Best Party Rental Service in Tampa, FL with Bounce Genie!

Don't miss out. Contact us today and let us bring the fun right to your doorstep!

Explore Our Wide Range of Party Rentals in Tampa

Inflatable Rentals for Every Occasion 🎈

We rent inflatables for small backyard parties up to large community events. Our Tampa bounce house and water slide rentals are perfect. Choose from various themed inflatables, like castles and combo units. We also offer fun inflatable slides and obstacle courses suitable for all ages.

Event Rentals for Special Celebrations 🎉

Our event rentals in Tampa are ideal for any celebration. We have completed amazing events from weddings to corporate gatherings. We provide complete party rental packages. Rent sturdy tents, comfortable seating, and elegant table settings all at once.

Tampa Party Supplies Rental 🎊

Enhance your event with our extensive range of party supplies. We offer everything from festive decorations to essential catering equipment. We can ensure your celebration looks and feels festive.

Seasonal Deals and Special Offers 💸

Enjoy our special offers on Tampa bounce house and water slide rentals. Check out our discounts and ask about promotional coupons when you book.

Customized Packages for Unique Events 📦

We understand every event is unique. Bounce Genie offers tailored party rental packages. We can supply a foam party setup, wedding rentals, or corporate event services.

Dedicated Customer Support and Satisfaction ☎️

Our team provides excellent customer service and is ready to answer any questions. We ensure your event planning is smooth from start to finish.

Easy Online Booking 🖥️

Our online reservation system makes booking your Tampa party rentals simple. Browse our inventory and choose your rentals with our online reservation system.

Your Trusted Partner for Tampa Bay Party Rentals

Bounce Genie is more than a rental company. We're your partner in creating memorable events. Serving Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, we're known for our quality, service, and value.

Ready to plan your event? Call Bounce Genie at 813-355-0933 or visit our website to make your reservation. Let us help turn your party vision into reality with our exceptional rentals and service. Your perfect event begins with Bounce Genie.


Bounce Houses Rentals 🎈

Definition: Bounce houses are large inflatable structures. Kids can jump and play on them. They are safe and fun.

Features: They have a flat enclosed jumping area. Walls keep kids from falling out. The surface is soft and bouncy.

Uses:They are great for birthday parties and festivals. Young children love them. They provide hours of entertainment.

Variety: Bounce houses come in many themes and designs. Some look like castles or jungles. Others feature superheroes. They can match any party theme.

Bounce House and Slide Combos Rentals 🎢

Definition: These combine a bounce house with a slide. Kids get more ways to play. They offer double the fun.

Features: They have a jumping area and one or more slides. Kids can access the slide from inside the bounce house. The slide can be tall or short.

Uses: They offer more play options. Kids can bounce and slide. Perfect for parties. They keep kids entertained for hours.

Variety: Some combos have climbing walls or basketball hoops. They also come in fun themes. There are pirate ships and princess castles.

Water Slides Rentals 💦

Definition: Water slides are inflatable slides for water play. They are also called inflatable water slides. They are very popular in summer.

Features: They have a slide area with water running down. A splash pool is at the bottom. Some have multiple lanes. Water slides can be single or double lanes.

Uses: They are perfect for hot weather events. Kids and adults can cool off. They are great for outdoor parties. They provide a refreshing activity.

Variety: Water slides come in different sizes. Some are small with one lane. Others are large with steep drops. Some have curves and twists.

Obstacle Courses Rentals 🏃‍♂️

Definition: Obstacle courses are inflatable structures with challenges. Participants navigate through them. They are like mini adventure courses.

Features: They have tunnels and climbing walls. There are also slides and barriers. Some have pop-up obstacles. They require physical activity and agility.

Uses: They are great for competitive events. Teams can use them for activities. They are fun for parties too. They encourage teamwork and competition.

Variety: Obstacle courses can be short or long. Some are simple while others are complex. Themes suit different ages and skills. There are military and jungle themes. They can be customized for any event.

Foam Parties Rentals 🫧

Definition: Foam parties involve filling an area with foam. Kids and adults can play in the foam. It is safe and fun.

Features: Foam machines create bubbles and foam. The foam is non-toxic and safe for skin. It can cover a large area.

Uses: Foam parties are great for outdoor events. They provide a unique and fun experience. Perfect for summer parties.

Variety: Foam parties can be themed. Some have music and lights. Others include games and activities.

Dunk Tanks Rentals 💦

Definition: Dunk tanks are tanks filled with water. Participants throw balls to dunk a person. It is a fun and classic game.

Features: They have a seat over the tank. When hit by a ball the seat drops. The person falls into the water.

Uses: Dunk tanks are great for fundraisers and parties. They are fun for all ages. Perfect for summer events.

Variety: Dunk tanks can be customized. Some have themes and decorations. They can be used for different events.

Table and Chair Rentals 🍽️

Definition: Table and chair rentals provide seating for events. They are essential for any party.

Features: Tables and chairs are sturdy and comfortable. They come in various sizes and styles.

Uses: They are great for weddings and birthday parties. Any event that needs seating benefits from these rentals.

Variety: There are different types of tables and chairs. Some are round or rectangular. Others are folding or banquet style.

Tent Rentals

Definition: Tent rentals provide shelter for outdoor events. They protect guests from sun and rain.

Features: Tents are strong and weather-resistant. They come in various sizes and shapes.

Uses: They are perfect for weddings and festivals. Any outdoor event can use a tent for shelter.

Variety: There are different types of tents. Some are small for intimate gatherings. Others are large for big events. They can be customized with lights and decorations.

Party Rentals 🎉

Definition: Party rentals include everything needed for a party. They offer convenience and variety.

Features: Party rentals can include bounce houses, tables, chairs, and tents. They provide all the essentials for a successful event.

Uses: They are great for any type of party. Birthdays, weddings, and corporate events can all benefit.

Variety: Party rentals come in packages. Some include just the basics. Others offer everything for a themed event. They make party planning easy and stress-free.

Bounce Genie Party Rentals🎉

Lutz, FL

Bounce Genie offers bounce houses and water slides in Lutz FL. We provide bounce house and slide combos for all events. Rent tables chairs and tents for your next party. Enjoy foam parties and dunk tanks with our services. We make every event special in Lutz FL.

Carrollwood, FL

Carrollwood FL loves Bounce Genie. Rent bounce houses and water slides for any occasion. Our bounce house and slide combos are perfect for kids. We also offer tables chairs and tents. Try our foam parties and dunk tanks. We are your go-to party rental service in Carrollwood FL.

Wesley Chapel, FL

Bounce Genie serves Wesley Chapel FL with top-notch party rentals. Get bounce houses and water slides for any event. Our bounce house and slide combos are a hit. Rent tables chairs and tents from us. Enjoy foam parties and dunk tanks too. Make your event memorable in Wesley Chapel FL.

Odessa, FL

Odessa FL chooses Bounce Genie for all party needs. We provide bounce houses and water slides. Our bounce house and slide combos are perfect for fun. Rent tables chairs and tents for your gatherings. Try our foam parties and dunk tanks. We ensure great parties in Odessa FL.

Trinity, FL

Bounce Genie offers amazing rentals in Trinity FL. Get bounce houses and water slides for any occasion. Our bounce house and slide combos are a favorite. Rent tables chairs and tents from us. Enjoy foam parties and dunk tanks with friends. We make every event in Trinity FL unforgettable.

Westchase, FL

Westchase FL loves Bounce Genie for party rentals. We provide bounce houses and water slides. Our bounce house and slide combos are perfect for any event. Rent tables chairs and tents for your party. Try our foam parties and dunk tanks. We bring fun to Westchase FL.

Oldsmar, FL

Bounce Genie serves Oldsmar FL with top party rentals. Rent bounce houses and water slides from us. Our bounce house and slide combos are a hit at parties. We offer tables chairs and tents. Enjoy our foam parties and dunk tanks. We make every event in Oldsmar FL special.

Why Choose Bounce Genie? 🤔

We provide high-quality rentals for all events. Our services include bounce houses, water slides, and combos. Rent tables, chairs, and tents with us. Try our foam parties and dunk tanks. We bring fun to every event. Choose Bounce Genie for your next party.

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